Blackbook gem 1.0.4 and Rails 2.0.2

suddenly i realized my application get no emails with Hotmail. only names show up, and no emails.

maybe Hotmail changes their way to store data, so Blackbook can't get the correct information no more? so is there any newer version of Blackbook which works well with Hotmail? or any one have idea to solve this problem?

help me please. thankssss.


cannot waiting for replies anymore so i decided to modify Blackbook gem directly, by myself. fortunately, it's not too difficult. thanks God !

file to modify: /lib/blackbook/importer/hotmail.rb lines to modify: 86,91

(1) line 86: ""/table/tr").each do |pair|" should be ""//table/tr").each do |pair|"

(one more "/" before "table")

(2) line 91: should be: "elsif (key == "Windows Live ID:") || (key == "IM address:")"

that's all. hope this helps others who have the same problem later.