Best way to backup a rails project on linux?

I need to set up a back up system to back up my rails projects and
databases. What would you recommend for doing this on linux? rsync?

Thanks for your help.

On our production machines, we just have a cron tab that does an sql dump to a directory, together with all uploaded files if present in the application, then commit the whole lot to an external subversion repository. That repository is backed up on a regular basis. All of our Rails apps (development) are either in subversion or git, they also get backed up. You could use rsync to do that.

Our dedicated servers have RAID, which offers at least some form of continuous backup and the system is setup as a vps. Twice a week there’s a VPS snapshot that’s taken.

There are a lot of backup strategies you can implement. It all depends on what you are trying to actually achieve with your backup.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

I use rsync to back up my local rails application every night to an
external drive attached to my development machine

I also use svn to keep track of all my changes (the backup is just in
case I don't commit some changes, then kill some important file the
next day - this could be avoided by committing every day, but
sometimes I forget :wink:

the database on the remote machine is backed up every night using
mysqldump and then rsynced to another location.

On top of that, I want to add mysql replication, and to back up all
the images that are stored on the remote machine (we don't back up any
assets yet, but we should).