Best practice for removing leading and trailing whitespaces

I want to remove the leading and training spaces for most of the
resources in my rails application

For a new POST request, rails does the xml parsing and passes the params
hash to the controller. Some of the parameters have leading and/or
trailing whitespaces which are causing problems (e.g. new resources
being created rather than using the old ones). I don't want to put the
code in all the controllers to strip the whitespaces for different

I did find the following pattern:

Is there another better approach to solve this? I was thinking of
configuring controller xml parser to remove these whitespaces. Is that


That looks like the ideal way to do it. This sort of thing belongs in the model as it will stop you from making a mistake that one time you use ./script/console to make that one change....

I'm sure you *could* modify the XML parser, but why? The moment you add another way to access the data you'd have to do it there as well. And what if you have a field that you want to allow white space?