Best OS for production self hosting

I’ve been hosting my rails apps on freebsd Anyone have preferences which OS to host on?

Ubuntu! Its the most used one and I have had no issues.

If you're responsible for configuration and maintenance, use what
you're familiar with :slight_smile:

Otherwise, it depends on how/where you're deploying -- bare metal,
VPS, Docker containers -- and personal preference. particularly on
package management.

For instance, Alpine Linux is a very small image, good for containers.

The Amazon Linux AMI is RedHat-based -- if you like RPM/yum as
a package manager and use AWS, perfect.

Ubuntu uses the Debian package management system, and there's
a lot of documentation/examples available.

And then there's all the BSD- and Solaris-derived options. I vote for
trying them all :slight_smile:

I host all my Rails apps on FreeBSD. I have been doing that since Rails 0.7, without any problems.

I prefer FreeBSD over any Linux distribution. In my opinion, Linux suffers from gratuitous change and bloat and is a pain to keep running properly.

Re: [Rails] Best OS for production self hosting

My suggestion is to use an OS with a lot (most) of people using it. I use Ubuntu because I find it has a lot of support.

I don’t know if Ubuntu is the most popular variant of Unix.


Saturday, August 4, 2018, 7:15:28 PM, you wrote:

I’ve been hosting my rails apps on freebsd Anyone have preferences which OS to host on?

I’ve always used CentOS for my deployments. Never had any issues with it and have found help on any install question I have had.

Run NGINX web server with a Postgresql backend


I recently switched from running my own Ubuntu server on Digital Ocean to letting hatchbox handle it.
They’re a bit like heroku - except that they provision and manage a server on your choice of cloud provider (I use digital ocean) and you have full access to that server - so more flexibility and much cheaper.

I have found they have almost exactly what I need out of the box. Reddis, choice of database, nginx running http2 and https, sidekiq, action cable, etc

(link gives me referral credit)



Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS – basically Linux and dockerize
your application.