Best image processing gem


I need some help to find the gem that suits best my project.

I'm developping a gallery for my website. I upload images through the
backend, and the images are displayed as thumbnails alltogether on the
same page. Then I use Lightbox to show them enlarged.

I would like to physically resized the images down to thumbnails when
they are uploaded in order to save bandwith on the thumbnails page.
I searched for a gem but I'm not sure what to use.

RMAgick seems quite popular but github page says it's not maintained
Paperclip seems just too big for the simple task I want to perform.
I also found ImageScience, which I consider using.

Which one would you advice ? Is there another one ?

I really only need to perform an image resize, and performance are not
really an issue since the only person to upload images will be me.

I am using Ruby 1.8.7 and Rails 2.3.5. Production server OS is linux.

(Apologizes for any mispellings, English is not my mother tongue)

I’d like dragonfly. I were used it about 3 weeks ago. Dragonfly run with rmagick and i thought is better than rmagick, and this performace is good

execuse me!. I forgot this page…

look for how use together your ruby gem =^.^=