Best Books and Tutorials on Rails?

I am a Ruby/Rails newby, currently reading "Simply Rails 2" by Patrick
Lenz. While I am finding it worthwhile I was hoping others could
recommend other good books and online tutorials for learning Rails.

I have read up about Ruby online, so I think I know enough Ruby for
the time being.

In some ways the strength of Rails is also its weakness, at least for
a newby, as it is a little difficult to piece together everything
Rails does so well under the hood.

Thanks would be a good place to start.

Thanks Philip.

I found the following articles on Rails routing useful, particularly
the last two:

"A Brief Introduction to REST"

"An Introduction to REST"

"Representational State Transfer"

"How to GET a Cup of Coffee"

"Rails Routing from the Outside In"

Hope the above is useful to others.