before_validation coding help

I can't get both of these validations to work, I must comment out one or the other.

  before_validation :amazon_ecs_lookup_item, :on => :create   before_validation :amazon_ecs_lookup_item, :on => :update, :if => :refresh

in this case only update works

  before_validation :amazon_ecs_lookup_item, :on => :create # before_validation :amazon_ecs_lookup_item, :on => :update, :if => :refresh

now create works

I guess you can only code 1 so how do you code it?

  before_validation :amazon_ecs_lookup_item, [:on => :create, {:on => :update, :if => :refresh}]

doesn't work.

Any ideas?

I think wrap your amazon_ecs_lookup_item with

if new_record? or refresh


Thanks. That makes sense.