Before thinking on my startup... what elements would I need?

Hello all,

I’m looking for some advice on what skills / subjects to get me involved before thinking in executing my plans of starting my own thing (startup thing).

I already have a great idea of application as a service. I’m sketching it and doing some brainstorm and planning. But something came into my mind…

You know, technology isn’t everything. Using Rails will help me put my creativity to work more effectivelly, and the final product will hopefully be of high-quality and I will be able to put it relatively quick into production, but the application isn’t going to sell itself. I need to sell this idea to someone (someone willing to invest into it) as I don’t have much money to invest in it.

That’s why I thought I need more marketing / communication skills. I also need to know more about the formal methods and bureocracy stuff.

I thought on working in this application and once I had something that I could show (and impress) I would go and ask someone if he/she would like to join me.

What I’m asking here is directions/books I could use to prepare myself for this endeavour - whick skils should I focus besides my technical skills? - You guys that have successfully done your own much loved thing, how did you start? How did you manage it? Would you mind sharing your experiences?

I want to do it right, and that’s why I’m asking for help.

I also think starting a blog would be useful for doing some networking (actually I already have some useful posts I could quickly modify and publish, as I have used a blog as a journal for some time now).

I just want to be happy working on something that I love… that’s all :smiley:

So, let’s start the networking right now - if anyone could help get my feet on this ground, I would be grateful :slight_smile: