before before_validation callback


I was looking around a bit and couldn't find any callbacks that executed before before_validation The current problem with using before_validation is that it won't fire if I'm not using validations with #save(:validate => false) - which makes sense. Before_save won't suffice because I want these callbacks to fire before validation on the occasions that I do use validation. Just a sidenote, these callbacks are for normalizing some strings.

Right now, I can do an alias chain on #save and have my sanitization methods fire before anything else but I was hoping for something cleaner.

Thanks, Keith

I think in that situation I would put the normalization code in before_save and write the validations so that they pass with the strings un-normalized, secure in the knowledge that they will be normalized before saving. This seems aesthetically ok to me as the purpose of validations is principally to validate user input, and there is nothing wrong with the user input even though the strings are not yet normalized.