Basing Drop Down from Check Box

Hello All,

I am very new to Web Development (in general) and Ruby on Rails and have been stumped on this for awhile.

In my view I have a check box of which I need to grab a primary key value when checked.

The primary key value will then need to be used to generate and populate a corresponding drop down list.

Currently the data generated to view is similar to ...

Telephone (primary key of 1) [check box] ... web user clicks check box then I need to display corresponding database data based on the primary key

Internet (primary key of 2) [check box] ... same concept for Telephone using Internet PK

Television (primary key of 3) [check box] ... same concept for Telephone using Television PK

Can anyone please help me?


Don't use checkboxes... Use a link_to_remote...

If you need to have a checkbox you can allways just use an image of a checkbox. or a button_to...

I will research this link_to_remote you mention and let you know how it goes. Thank you so much for the reply... heimdull

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