Barter Accounting Software

We are looking to create a robust accounting software for the barter
industry. The software would need to track balances and have a phone
and online authorization system to check against current balances and
approve or decline the transaction. The platform would also need to
separate regional offices and sales commission splits. We would need a
shopping mall for member listings of goods and services as well as CRM
integration. Is this the type of project that can be completed on
Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on rails … is one stop solution for alll kind of CRM/HRM
and accounting etc…


Yes, it is. I was a bit skeptic two years ago when I first bumped into
rails, but now that I started to explore it deeply, I actually think
that is pretty good for any project. We have started migrating our ERP
from J2EE to Rails. I do miss a few apis that exist in java, but there
is always some workaround.

All the best,