bad url in js script

When running in development env, I don't have this problem, only in

I have a view in which a js script display a FlowPlayer video player
(+ plugins)...
the flash files are located in the /public/dist folder, ant the
script calls them like that :

  $f("player", "/dist/flowplayer-3.1.5.swf", {
      plugins: {
          rtmp: {
              url: "/dist/flowplayer.rtmp-3.1.3.swf"
          openAdStreamer: {
              url: '/dist/OpenAdStreamer.swf',

how should I write the url to work both in dev and prod modes ?

thanks for your help


I believe the problem is linked to using a sub-uri in production
the /dist folder is search at the application root not at the relative

need more inquiries