backgroundrb & attachment_fu


is it possible to handle attachment_fu uploading files with
backgroundrb ?


No, you need Rails to hand over the Tempfile to backgroundrb once it’s done. Just to clear up things, the mongrel instance won’t be locked until the upload is complete, it’s the actual processing in Rails that locks the mongrel.

Now there is a very nice other solution out there that could probably be used to handle multithreaded file uploads with attachment_fu processing and that is Merb ( IIRC, there still are some comments in attachment_fu that make it seem incompatible with Merb at the moment, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble actually getting it to work and then contributing the code back to technoweenie for everyone to benefit from it.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

thank you for answering. everything i hear about Merb sounds nice, but
i'm not sure it is already production-ready...