background process

Hi all

I am working on a heavy engineering project. And the requirement is
that I needto do a lot of process before I store the data to the db.

Now the question is that I want to do the process that I am doing
but I want to do it in the background. What I actually mean to say is
that..I just want the user to get a msg that Records Saved. But in real I want the process to go on in background.

There r multiple callbacks used in my system. Also I dont want to use Starling or workling. pls suggest something where in my requirement is satisfied. Since i dont want the user to wait until my process is
going on.

Well one of the other background processors (bj, backgroundrb etc. )
might do the job


Spawn is dead easy ( I used it to great effect for sending emails while making the user think they where all already sent. The others Frederick suggested work but are more trouble than starling/workling.


The way you do that reliably is to spawn another process to handle it. You can do your thing in a thread but that pretty much requires that you're using a thread safe version of rails and has limitations given ruby's threading (eg your thread can block the whole mongrel)


Ankit Parekh wrote:

thanks for your reply but i dont want to run something like a cron job or nething.
Since my method is very long i want it to run in background. So that the user dont need to wait on that page while the process is going on.
Is there something where i can define that a particular method should run in background.

I understand why you want to run it in the background but…what happens if there is an error? I do not write perfect code or test 100% of possible code paths or run on failproof hardware so there is always a possibility of an error. You will seem to have the situation where the user thinks everything was processed and saved into the db but that might not be true. I would not be happy if that happened with my data. Personally I would probably want to wait to see all was really successful.

I think you can use ActiveMQ and Activemessaging plugin

Frederick Cheung wrote: