background jobs

Hey everybody,
I'm running InstantRails 2.1.0 under Windows Server 2003 and I'm
looking for a plugin or something that will allow me to schedule and
complete long-running tasks in the background. I was trying to use
backgrounDRB until I realized that I can't use it with Windows...

What I want to do is pretty basic. My app has an "autosync" section
where the user specifies the time interval between running the task. To
run the task, all I need to do is Now I just need to
actually tie them together with a scheduler.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to do this? Which plugin or method
is the best?

Thanks, any and all help is appreciated!
- Jeff Miller

No idea if these run on windows, but several of the recent railscasts talk about exactly this.

#127, #128, and #129.