background jobs , comparison esp for sending emails

hi, im new to backgroundjobs etc. a quick look revealed a lot of options.
is there any kind of comparsion out there? im looking into this coz i have a lot ‘notification emails’ triggered by observers which i kinda want to exclude from the workflow and pass it on into a ‘mail’ queue or similar.

any ideas if there is a comparison etc out there?


You can follow engine yard recomendations:


or use raw cron

I advice that EngineYard recomendation against backgroundrb is realy true. I had to remove backgroundrb from a production app (not hosted in EngineYard) and use raw crons because the background server failed a lot.


I'm using Background Job to send emails with the same objective. It's
working well.,


I usually use Delayed Job, but it seems like not a best solution for
highload apps. Here is nice article about Resque
but haven't tried it yet.

We are using Nanite, amongst other things to generate complex mails and send them off. Works brilliantly and we don’t even load the Rails environment into the nanite workers, making every worker a nicely contained, very memory-friendly entity. Nanite is very scalable.