Is this view helper valid for because I tried it, I get a nil list

<%= :parent_id, nested_set_options(Category, @category) {|i| "#{'-' * i.level} #{}" } %>

Hi, when u say u get a nil list, does the dropdown select render but it does not contain any items ?

I’m not familiar with “awesome_nested_set” but I have tried to do something with a select in the past and I found “The Odin project” examples were helpful I’ve pasted the code below, it creates an array with the model name and id, and here’s a link to the page : advanced-forms

I hope it helps

 # app/controllers/posts_controller.rb
  def new
    @user_options ={ |u| [, ] }
    @post =

  # app/views/posts/new.html.erb
  <%= select_tag(:author_id, options_for_select(@user_options)) %>