AWDWR Question - was: Edge Restful question

Just to clarify what I'm talking about below in the latest revision of
AWDWR (2nd edition) pdf page 402 - Section "Adding Your Own Actions"
The example shows how one can add an interface to allow people to
fetch just recent articles with a call in the routes.rb
map.resources :articles, :collection => {:recent => :get} end
Since it doesn't show the action itself that gets created I'm
wondering 1) is this another url that would have a link in the index
page OR would it apply to the entire route where a show would only
bring up the most recent articles ? I'm thinking my idea (below)
doesn't fit into this method but wondering and unclear.


If you use the ActionController::Routeing::Routes from the console, as
it shows in the book (sorry I can’t find the page number but I was
reading it last night. It’s in the same section as your refering
to) use the line as shown


but with a grep on the end

puts /articles/

you will get a list of actions for the articles controller. This will show you that there is a route for

GET /articles;recent (I think this is it. I don’t have ruby with me at the moment.)

that maps to :controller => ‘articles’, :action => 'recent

I’m doing this from memory so sorry if there’s something not quite right.

The long and short of it is that it will map to the recent action in the articles controller.