AWDWR Depot App Help!

Hi I'm working on the depot app and I'm on iteration C2 where there
shouldn't be multiple entries of the same item and instead there should
be a quantity. I've done everything according to the book but it seems
that when I do:

rake db:sessions:clear

I still get the error:

NoMethodError in StoreController#add_to_cart

undefined method `product' for #<Product:0x506f298>

Does @items still thinks that it has product objects instead of cart

I'm using Rails 1.2.

Thanks in advance.

The section you are working on does work. You have simply made an error
somewhere by not following the book carefully enough. I also had this
trouble. If you are really stuck, download the books code files from the
pragmatic website.

The version of Rails shouldn't be an issue, but the book wants Rails
1.2.6 (or 1.2.5, perhaps). Search in the forum for "AWDWR scaffold" and
you'll see that its very easy to change versions.

Tuan Huynh wrote: