Avoiding duplication in Has Many :through polymorphic associations

Hi everyone,

I have a group of classes that I associate to a Note class through a has_many :through polymorphic association, which works great! However, I’ve noticed that I have a good amount of duplicate functionality within these classes for the Note interface. I would like to move this functionality as well as the actual has_many :through and join table associations into one common file in order to adhere to the DRY principle.

I tried to make my classes inherit from a NoteInterface class that contained the associations, but the association would use the parent class (NoteInterface) as the type in the join table. I already had to use set_table() to get AR to use the name of the child class for the table. Is there a similar way to override the name of the type a polymorphic association will use?

I also tried putting the associations in a module and use it as a mixin, but when ruby parses the file, it doesn’t know what to do with them.

Has anyone else tried to do this? Is this even be possible?