Automatically set :only_path option to false when :host option is specified in url helpers


I've just posted a patch to the Trac. It intends to simplify the use
of url helpers such as link_to when you use the :host option.
When you're using a helper such as link_to and that you provide
set :only_path to false too to enable it (to have the full URL, not
the relative one).

This tiny patch remedies this. Now when you specified the :host
option, the :only_path option is automatically set to false.

Before this patch you had to do :

link_to('Test Link', {:controller => 'weblog', :action =>
'show', :host => '', :only_path => false}))

and now you can do :

link_to('Test Link', {:controller => 'weblog', :action =>
'show', :host => ''}))

to get the same result.

This patch is available at :

Have a good day.