automatic scoping in controller based on params[]

Hi guys,

let’s say I have a nested route, like User > Roles

map.resources :user, :has_many => [ :roles ]

In this case, calling new_user_role_url gets me to the role controller’s :create method with a user_id set in the parameters. Is there a better way to handle the creation of this role object automatically in the User object’s :roles association or I just have to resort to the good old method of finding the appropriate user object first and add the new role object to it’s association proxy:

@user = User.find(params[:id])

@user.roles << Role.create(params[:role])

Any ideas would be appreciated.





Role.create( params[:role].merge(:user_id => params[:user_id]) )

I would prefer the first way.

Sometimes is better to be more verbose

if user = User.find_by_id(params[:user_id])   user.create(params[:role]) end

what you might want to do is something like this especially if the presence of the user is obbligatory:

before_filter :get_user private def get_user   @user = params[:user_id] || current_user   raise YourOwnCustomError unless @user end public

def create   @user.roles.create(params[:role]) end