autolog: easily debug-like logging on the fly in your Rails app

If it helps anyone developing Rails apps or gems, I wrote a shortcut for set_trace_func, so next time you want to just add a line before and after some function you are trying to debug you can have Ruby temporarily output every line, method, etc. executed. Also, it lets you define the format, use other loggers, etc. via a proc/lambda define, since you might not like the default format. Apologize for posting here if it wouldn’t help- maybe you are using a real debugger.


In Gemfile add:
gem ‘autolog’

Around some part of code add this before:
and this after:

it helps someone who needs a quick tool periodically without all the time sink of profiling or setting a breakpoint and debugging in a slow IDE.

Gem changed a lot from yesterday. It’s a little more like Tracer now:

autolog v0.2.0 released. didn’t have autolog method on Object’s eigenclass, which meant it wasn’t very helpful outside of main where I’d added it specifically, and I wasn’t doing an ensure on the block execution to turn it off if anything was raised in the block.