autocompletion.local inside rails while generating a dynamic list


I am a big noob but I would like to know how to achieve the following
2 things:

1) I need to use autocompletion.local to increase speed of retrieval
since i only have items of no more than 30.

However, I want the list of possible items to be dynamic ie if I
should refresh the page, the javascript array of items will be

Similar to the lightning fast autocomplete eg in Rails recipes.

but the @headers have been deprecated causing the eg not to work in
1.2.6 rails. Even when i switch to headers, the eg still did not work.
Please advise.

2) Other than that, I need the autocompletion.local to do the

Similar to the way google finance looks up the stock symbol.

My autocomplete list search will display 2 parameters similar to
google finance like:

<symbol for stock 1><space><name for stock 1>
<symbol for stock 2><space><name for stock 2>


<property1 of itemModel 1><space><property2 of itemModel 1>
<property1 of itemModel 2><space><property2 of itemModel 2>

and I need my search to be done such that its searching through both
symbols and names, basically 2 different parameters.

and when i choose any item, it should only display one of the 2
parameters inside the textbox.

So sorry I am asking so much. But i tried googling and I was not
successful. Perhaps I am not using the right key words.

Thank you all.