Autocomplete with DB + Urgent ..

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I fetch out the values of a table (suppose users) from database and want to show them(user's name) in a text-field with autocomplete.. Can i do this in rails .. If yes, then how can .. ? Do not know any thing about it .. May be you people can suggest me some tutorials for it as well.. Waiting for every possible answer .. :slight_smile:

Yes of course you can do it.

I did it recently, and I did it using jQuery with the plugin -

I exposed the right JSON API’s from my rails application and I had to tweak the plugin a bit to suit my needs but it works great.

There are other jQuery plugins you could have a look at too.

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Rails has scriptaculous and prototype built in and there are helpers for autocomplete already. Have a look at the API documentation for autocomplete.

Ok .. Unable to do it .. But found another way .. Can you guyz tell me that how to write to a file at a specific position .. I mean i want to write every time at line number 3 and character number 10 of file myfile.. Then how can i ..?

I'll tell you the whole answer after resolving it .. :slight_smile:

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Google is your friend. :wink:

Thanks a lot guyz .. done it using jquery library .. That library is using the data from a file.. and then i modified that file according to my modification .. and found solution .. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support ..

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