Autocomplete for searching using id and lists

Laura Laizer smith wrote:

I, I'm beginning in Rails and would like to know how to do 2 stuffs :
1) Using autocomplete or a select combo (specially auto_complete) for
searching data and then opening the results in the partial list (I would
like to use that because I have a view and edit link in the list.rhtml)
2) I would like to use auto_complete instead of a select box (since i
have just too much data) so I would need to record the id of an object
let's say i have
student : id, name
class : id, student_id, whatever
I would like to save the student_id in the class _form, using auto
complete wich would load the student name, is it possible ?
Thanks in advance !

I have the same problem, I think you have to do 1) passing in the
controller the fields you want ...