Auto_complete plugin Mime: CSS

Ever managed to solve this?

Thanks, Bounce

Yeah, I removed 2.0 and the plugin and now it works. Bit of a roundabout solution but there we are


<%= text_field_with_auto_complete :event, :location, {}, :skip_style => true %>

Then this is the default css extracted. You need to include this.

  div.auto_complete ul {             border:1px solid #888;             margin:0;             padding:0;             width:100%;             list-style-type:none;           }           div.auto_complete ul li {             margin:0;             padding:3px;           }           div.auto_complete ul li.selected {             background-color: #ffb;           }           div.auto_complete ul strong.highlight {             color: #800;             margin:0;             padding:0;           }

Works fine. And now you have some control over the CSS.