auto complete down arrow not working

suspect that could be a css problem. The drop down may be visible but
perhaps not accessible because of the state of the surrounding div.
If the probelem were occuring in firefox, you could play around with
the css in firebug, but in IE it is less easy. Try making the div
containing the lookup position: relative; and see what happens. Or
for test purposes, move the autocomplete to another page element and
gradually work it back to where you want it.


Hi Tonypm thanks for ur Reply,

i have autocomplete css like this :
Where should i add style position: relative; in my CSS
plz help me, i want this to work in IE

  div.auto_complete {
      width: 350px;
      background: #fff;
    z-index: 100;
    div.auto_complete ul {
      border:1px solid #888;
    div.auto_complete ul li {
    div.auto_complete ul li.selected {
      background-color: #ffb;
    div.auto_complete ul strong.highlight {
      color: #800;

thanks in advance !!!