Authenticating via chrome extension

Hi everyone I was wanting some guidance with authenticating my chrome extension with my rails app that is using devise. I have tried various ways of going about this, and I’m convinced I’m missing something really important because I have yet to get it to work.

I first tried using devise_token_auth along side the regular devise configuration and it’s users I set up there but that quickly devolved into naming collisions, as it pretty much tries to re-setup the users table and routes.

I tried saving a signed cookie when the user logs in and the extension fetches the cookie and shares that data for the user, I was not able to decode the cookie for some reason.

I have recently tried, and got the farthest, with JWT. I did again run into the issue with routing collisions but then quickly decided to just try submitting post requests to the routes that are already established, like users/sign_in, and for some reason no matter what it seems like my username and password would simply not authenticate. I put the correct information in, testing with postman, and was even able to log in with the same information when I just pasted it into the site too.

So I’m kind of just feeling lost at this point like there’s something really fundamental that I’m missing, if someone could recommend a method and/or gems that would make this easier I could really use the direction on this one