Attempt to change Commands to Rails::Commands to avoid conflict with Rake


I learned that my pull request that was part of Rails Issue #1866 wasn’t incorporated into the Rails 3-0 stable branch. So I’m creating the fix again, but I decided to include a test to ensure that it works properly. I created a sample Rails application called SampleIssue1866.

In the Gemfile of that sample application, I have the following:

gem ‘rails’, :path => “~/Github/rails”

I am picking up the localized version of Rails I am developing in my file system. Next, I create a generator to test the functionality of adding ‘rake’ to the Gemfile and then running the plugin command to install the will_paginate plugin:

I create my test unit for my generator:

When I run ‘bundle exec rake test:units’, I get the following output:

Someone on the #RubyOnRails channel, told me that it was sufficient to have the :path option in my Gemfile, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. I thought that I would need to add “~/Github/rails” to my load path. Any ideas why this isn’t working for me?