attachment to emails


I followed this excellent example from NovaWave (thank you!) and
implemented a mini-email system

Next I wanted to add the ability to attach different models to the
email. For this I created a model called attachment that belongs to the
message and has polymorphic relationships with a couple of other models
(pretty cool ehh, OLE eat my dust)

What I can't figure out is when/where/how to initiate the attachment. I
can test this out and it works just fine => Item.find(:first), :message =>

and the attachable_type sets correctly, etc.

My problem is that I still don't understand REST well enough to figure
out where this belongs in the grander scheme of things. Here are some
options that I'm considering:

1. New actions one for each attachment type that all point to the same
action under the sent_controller (see the novawave doc). I think the
url would look like this: /sent/new/item/4546
2. Member actions under each attachable model that would look like this
3. Multipart form?
4. Somewhere as part of

For once, I'd like to do things the proper RoR way.

Thank you kindly.