attachment_fu - public_filename in Controller

My brain hurts, please help.

I've beaten my head against the wall for hours trying to figure out why I cant get the public_filename is only accessible from the views?

I need to get the full file path in the controller so I can render a JSON object for Flash to pick up.

products = Product.find(:all,{ :include => [:seasons, :collections, :types], :conditions => ["sex=? AND",params[:sex] , params[:season] ] }) render :text => products.to_json

Thanks for you help

hi .. i was having a project in front where i was uploading videos. i have used following definition for over witting the full_filename as def full_filename     user_id = self.user_id     videopath = attachment_options[:path_prefix].to_s + user_id.to_s + VIDEO_DIR      file_system_path = videopath      path = File.join(RAILS_ROOT, file_system_path , filename)

  end i m storing my videos in public/swf/videos/user_id/video_id path so i have stored a constant DOCUMENT_DIR = 'public/swf/uploads/' VIDEO_DIR = '/videos/' in the environment.rb.. this way i can access the files... wrote:

I believe that public_filename is an instance method, not a stored attribute, so you'll need to give to_json some help. to_json, like to_xml, supports parameters that help you make your rendering more specific. In this case specifically I think you need to look into making use of the :include (specify the associations to be part of the json), and :methods (specify instance methods on the object to be included).

Check here for more: