attachment_fu + :path_prefix

Hello friends,
I have a query like I am using a attchment_fu to store images.
But the i don’t want to store to the default path let say :path_prefix => ‘public/uploads’ i want a dyname path for e.g :path_prefix => ‘public/#{}’, So just wanted to know how can i say images to the dynamic location.

Abhishek Shukla

'public/uploads' i want a dyname path for e.g :path_prefix => 'public/#{}',

   Have you tried this like

:path_prefix => "public/#{>}"

     Instead of single quotes use double quotes


Ok great things are working fine. but again i have a major concern when I am declaring it like

:path_prefix => “public/user_#{}”

in background it save the image in the following folder structure


And i am looking something like


Actually it’s creating a just “user_” folder which i don;t want, i want to have “user_123”.