attachment_fu or UploadColumn?

I'm just curious what most folks are using to handle image uploads -
attachment_fu, UploadColumn, or something else? Are there distinct
advantages to one of these over the other(s), or is it sort of just a
matter of taste?

Thanks . . .

Hi Bill

I use upload_column, what I look for is, if it is under good



I’m a big attachment_fu fan - love the s3 integration.


Yes, that is a very nice feature - and one that I forgot about. It
also seems at a cursory glance (I didn't dig in, so I could very well
be wrong) that UploadColumn is very much tied to RMagick. I'd
personally prefer to use Image Science in my app, which a_fu nicely

I can’t speak to the quality of the integration with image science, but I agree, a_fu is quite flexible with its image manipulation lib options.

I have seen others comment on the scant documentation - but I have found the docs adequate in combination with blog entries, and reading the code (what a novel idea!).

-Andrew Kuklewicz