attachment_fu not saving other attributes (like width, height)

I'm only getting the basic filename, product_id for the image, and size (kb).

I am *not* getting the thumbnail generated (in db or filesystem), nor
is it resizing the image as depicted in the Picture model

id | parent_id | content_type | filename |

thumbnail | size | width | height | product_id |

You probably don't have an image processor installed correctly then.

Could it possibly be the way I'm adding the uploaded image?

@product = Product.find(params[:id])[:picture])
    if @product.update_attributes(params[:product])
      flash[:notice] = 'Product was successfully updated.'
      redirect_to :action => 'show', :id => @product
      render :action => 'edit'

I saw some other posts about a bug with attachment_fu and
update_attributes. How do I ensure I"ve got the image processor
installed properly?

I apologize for jumping the gun. Re-emerging imagemagick and re-
installing "gem install rmagick" fixed the problem.

I am unable however to make the case where an image is optional.

I want to require an image on :create, but make it option
on :edit/:update

Enclose the image upload in its own form

I was able to get the effect with this line inside the "update" method
for ProductController:[:picture]) unless params[:picture]

if @product.update_attributes(params[:product])

When I try to validate height and width in my image model (which is
using attachement_fu) it fails validation. Yet when I examine the
database, those fields are properly filled in. I've removed the
validation for now, yet this bothers me. I guess attachment_fu must
have overridden the model save! method but I don't see where this
happens. Any clues would be appreciated.

Is there a way to validate that the image processor is installed
correctly? I find that generating thumbnails simply hangs, so I've
turned that off while I work on other parts of the project.

I'm developing on windows xp and rails 2.0.2. Are there any mods or
updates needed for rails 2.0.2?


There is a bug I saw people talk about where you need to add a sleep
1, before you load the picture to your model. Try searching this list
for "attachment_fu windows bug"