attachment_fu migration failure

My migration is adding a few fields to the images table for attachment_fu.

The error I get is:

rake db:migrate

(in C:/InstantRails/rails_apps/g1) rake aborted! uninitialized constant AttachmentImages

Is it making a class by that name?

--trace is useless, it tells me it was running 'up' in the migration. I knew that.

I searched all the files in the project for AttachmentImages but came up empty.

Boy, am I stuck.

The up part of the migration is: class AttachmentForImages < ActiveRecord::Migration   def self.up     add_column :images, :parent_id, :integer     add_column :images, :content_type, :string     add_column :images, :filename, :string     add_column :images, :thumbnail, :string     add_column :images, :size, :integer

    add_index :images, :artist_id   end

I'm using postgresql 8.2 but it doesn't get that far, and the table is not modified in the database. Rails is 1.2.4 and ruby is 1.8.6.

Any ideas? At all?