attachment_fu and S3 -- cannot download file correctly

I don't know why this isn't working. If I download a word doc that I uploaded, all I get is the S3 file path in the document. If I access the s3 file path directly in my browser, it downloads the file correctly.

Here is my controller method:

def download     @curriculum = @school.curriculums.find(params[:id])     send_data @curriculum.attachment.public_filename,       :filename => @curriculum.attachment.filename,       :type => @curriculum.attachment.content_type   end


link_to curriculum.attachment.filename.split('.').first, :action => 'download', :id =>

The file is downloaded, but not the file content. Thanks for any help!

you are trying to call send_data which will send a string to the
browser, so you are just sending the string of the url. try this:

def download    @curriculum = @school.curriculums.find(params[:id])    redirect_to @curriculum.public_filename end

That worked! Thanks a lot.