attachment_fu and mime type issues

Hi All,

I am having a problem with the attachment_fu plugin and flac audio files. In the dev environment, using mongrel, the form upload object does not seem to have any associated content_type. I get the following attachment_fu validation error: “Content type can’t be blank”. I don’t understand why the file_data would not have any content_type. Doesn’t rails set the content type based on the mime type? How is it that a file can be uploaded without any mime type at all? Shouldn’t it at least have application/octet-stream if the server can’t parse the actual file type? I tried starting mongrel with:

mongrel_rails start -m config/mime_types.yml

and my mime_types.yml file reads:

I looked into this further, and discovered that with Fireforx uploading of flac files works: the content_type is set to ‘application/octet-stream’. So, the problem must be related to safari’s handling of mime types for binary files. I’ll have to look into that.