Atom feed bad dates in google reader?

My atom feed validates [1] and shows in various browsers fine (the
published date). I'm using the atom_feed_helper [2] very minimally
modified and am on Rails 2.1. I am also using Feedbuner as the xml
+rss alternate link in the meta section.

Whenever I subscribe to the feed in google reader, it also shows the
posts as the date I uploaded my application to the production server.
So in other words, if I uploaded today, google reader will show today
for all the posts.

I examined the output XML to something Mephisto would put out, and it
looks very similar. I tried tweaking the date format using strftime.
I've thrown away the atom_builder code and did some older RSS code
from dzone snippets and elsewhere, also making sure they validate.
Yet despite all that, I still can't get the dates to show up in google
reader correctly! Agghh. Any ideas?

* access feed directly:


Also I'm using page caching in a couple places, but the feed should be
generated from the builder DSL code for each request. Has anyone had
problems with feedburner messing up the feed? It appears to be a valid
Atom feed as well.

Anyone? Have a totally separate app using rss.builder (not
atom). feed is valid RSS 2.0. In Google reader, still see a
different date than the published data for the article, see the date
that appears to be when feedburner updated. Pretty annoying.