Associations Pickle with Legacy Schema

For the most part I'm working my through creating AR associations with a
legacy DB using the various options AR provides to identify tables and

My current snag is a little outside of that stuff.

I have a Company--with an account_manager attribute which is the ID of a
User. So..

class Company
belongs_to :account_manager,
  :class_name =>'User',
  :foreign_key => "account_manager"

The User table has an autoinc ID, so that part works out.

This works fine for pulling the account_manager's name in a Company.find

But... when trying to save a new Company record, I get the following

User(#blabla) expected, got String(#blabla)

OK. Expected what? And since I am saving a Company model, why is User

account_manager is allowed to be NULL, and no data is being assigned to
the attribute prior to the save.

If I comment out the Company#belongs_to to eliminate the association,
then the save works fine.

I added

class User
has_many :companies,
  :class_name => 'Company',
  :foreign_key => 'account_manager'

to reciprocate the association, but that makes no difference.

Googled, read my books, rails guides, but I'm stymied.

All suggestions appreciated. Thx.

-- gw

That’s because your association has the same name as the foreign key. Try:

belongs_to :my_account_manager, # Or any name other than ‘account_manager’

:class_name => ‘User’,

:foreign_key => ‘account_manager’

Well, sheeeoooot. Many thanks.

-- gw