assert_select_rjs with on a page with "" in it

I’m having a bunch of testing an RJS action. The action updates a DIV if it exists, but it isn’t always necessarily present on the page so I use a in the RJS to check if it exists. (Is there a better way to do that?)

Let’s say we have an RJS page containing:“some_element_that_may_or_may_not_exist”).each do |value|
page.replace_html value, “something”

Writing a test like this fails:

assert_select_rjs “some_element_that_may_or_may_not_exist” do


so does:

assert_select_rjs do
assert_select “some_element_that_may_or_may_not_exist”, :count => 1


I’m assuming this is because of the “”. Anyone know of a way to deal with this?