assert{ 2.0 }


The following RubyUnit assertions are now obsolete:


The next time you think to type any of them, use assert{ 2.0 } instead.
Put whatever you like inside the { block }. assert_equal(x, y) becomes
assert{ x == y }. assert_not_nil(x) becomes ... just assert{ x }! If the
last statement in that block fails, your test runner will reflect the
name and value of every variable in your assertion. Diagnosing assertion
failures has never been easier!

Get assert{ 2.0 } the usual way:

  gem install assert2

Then require 'assert2' into your test suites.

Use deny{} for situations like assert_nil that must fail.

To provide even more commentary, when either assertion fails, pass a
string into either assert or deny, like this:

  assert('my colleague made me do this'){ foo() < 42 }

Note: This works "best" with Ruby 1.8.6!

Feedback welcome, and happy testing!