Arrays in Ruby ..

Hi Champs,

The scenario is something like this ..
I am having an array which consists of elements as:-
array[0] = dayName;
array[1] = date;
array[2] = AnotherDayname .. may be same ..
array[3] = anotherdate .. may be same ..
array[4] = AnotherDayname .. may be same ..
array[5] = anotherdate .. may be same ..
and go on ..

Fine .. What i want is that we should match all dates to one another in
array .. and if the dates matches with another then show them with their
same daynames ..

like as:- if array[3] and array[5] matches .. the we should show it like
this as..
array[2]-array[4]: array[3]

Note that once a day or date comes can not repeat itself ..

getting me .. :slight_smile: