array position

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Alex Treber wrote:

Arrays have the .include? function which tells
you if an array has an element.

is there a .position? function to get the location
of that element?

index (and it's a method (aka action), not a function)

From the Ruby Library Reference section of Pickaxe (aka "Programming Ruby"), p434, in the Array section, right under the include? method: "Returns the index of the first object in arr that is == to obj. Returns nil if no match is found."

a.index("b") --> 1

Pick up the Pickaxe. It's indispensible if you're going to work in Ruby on Rails.

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the clear explanation Bill.

You're welcome. Glad it was helpful.

I was looking online for info, but the sites I checked
never mentioned that function.

As RoR's ease-of-use attracts more who are new to web application development), the sophistication of the current Ruby and Rails online documentation increasingly comes up as 'problem area'. My take on it is: It is what it is, not what it will become. Timing is a personal choice. Having said that, there are, IME, four key resources, the use of which will enable your success at this point: Google, The Books, this list, and tenacity.

As soon as I get through my current book, Pickaxe will
be next on the list.

Pickaxe isn't like that. In addition to the Ruby tutorial, it's the definitive English-language Ruby language reference. I've learned tons just cruising through the methods in the Class modules. And I think that's really helped my intuition about how to approach new stuff. I recommend ordering it today.

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