Array data type----What can Be Done

Hi all,

please i have an array in my rails application (for example; $x = [23, how, this,56, you, nice])

I want to store it in a mysql database as a SINGLE RECORD with a name .

thus i can get each array with its name and still be able to access the array like an array

i.e $x[0] # => 23     $x[1] # => how

.....and so on

I don't know what DATA TYPE to use and how to do it.

any sugesstion is welcomed.

you can take varchar dear i hope it will work..

See "Saving arrays, hashes, and other non-mappable objects in text columns" in ActiveRecord::Base


Why is the name of your variable starting with '$'?

Names starting with '$' are reserved for environment variables. I'm not sure about '$x' but you better follow ruby and rails guidelines for naming variables or you may be asking for trouble.