architectural question reg acts_as_tree (+ caching?)

in one view i use a partial to render children and each children renders the same partial again and again and again to display a tree. now, the model utilizes acts_as_tree, the table consists of ~4500 records, but it will go higher, final amount estimated to 10k. now my problem is, that it takes forever to display the site. right now its all in dev-mode, and im still a newbie.
so i dont know whether caching would be the best solution here or rather do a remote call to pull the children the user wants…
any experience / advise?


I think you'd want to look into a "load on demand" approach...

Why marshal up all the data for all the nodes when most won't be
visible? I'm assuming you show the subsidiary level(s) collapsed by

Smells like a perfect situation for some AJAX implementation.

I'm not sure caching is the route to go. Caching would probably yield a
much faster response after the initial load, but that is still a lot of
data to push to the client when the client will only be seeing a small
part at any one time.