ar_mailer and missing template in production environment

I'm trying to use ar_mailer to send newsletters in my application. The thing is that what I've done works fine while I'm under development mode but when I try to run it in my server in production mode I become the following error(it also appears after switching webrick to run in production mode):

I'm using Rails 2.2.2

Thanks in advance


Is the template there, on the production machine?

Learn rails:

yes, it’s there.

as I mentioned, while working in my machine, if I restart Webrick and
switch to production mode, it just stops working and when I switch back
to development mode, it works again…

Julian Leviston escribió:

I'm having the same problem. It's also affecting using the normal
I found a few interesting links:

I would be interested in any solutions.


Has anyone got a solution to this problem. I am have the same thing happen
to me right now.

Thank you,

Sean McGilvray

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