AR caching for belongs_to

vlad wrote:

Hi, e.g. I have two models: class Currency < ActiveRecord::Base .. end

class ProductPrice < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :currency .. end

currencies table has 2 records: id name 1 USD 2 EUR

when I run: prices = ProductPrice.find(:al) I get array of ProductPrice instances where each object has currency attr. RoR makes the query 'select * from currencies where id=NNN' for each instance. So I have scores of equal queries.

Is an ability to avoid permanent "get" from db ? Can RoR cache all records from currencies (any given) table and then use them?

Sure, I can store all curencies table's records to array and manually use them (without build-in RoR relationships) but I think I lose some RoR advantages.

I'd recommend using the acts_as_enumerated plugin: