AR bugs solved

Hi, guys!

Since I don’t want to spam #rails-contrib with the same tickets again and again, here you have the list of tickets I’ve been working on during the last couple of weeks. They solve several edge cases in AR and some of them also remove some duplication. Feedback, comments, +1s are welcome :slight_smile:

has_many :through :uniq gets ignored when .find(:all) called

validates_uniqueness_of doesn’t work under with_scope

Problem in Rails > 2.0 when overloading a find_by_X method.

Finds scoped on a hm:t over a join table fails when including an association over that same join table

validates_length_of using :within doesn’t work with associations (or non strings)
(This one is already verified)


Luismi Cavallé

Hi, guys!

Here I am again with a list of AR patches "for your consideration" :wink: Thanks!

HABTM error when eagerly loading the other side of the association

Problem when overloading a find_by_X method (revisited)

:uniq option of a habtm association is ignored when find is called


Luismi Cavallé