AR Associations- Am I missing something?

Hi --

Alex- thanks for that tip, that fills in some big gaps. However, I ran
into one snafu:

Alex Wayne wrote:

Cw K. wrote:

While it is beautifully easy to do john.posts and get *all* of John's
posts, what I almost always need to do is get john.posts(not_deleted and
post_date=today) or something like that.

You can define a :conditions attribute when you find associated objects,
or on the association call itself.

  john.posts.find(:all, :conditions => ['not_deleted = ?', true])

When I try this I get an error: ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments
(2 for 1)

Whoops, I didn't spot that problem when I advised about not bothering
with the " = ?', true" part :slight_smile:

The method below however works fine :slight_smile:

Or even better

  class User < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :posts,
             :conditions => ['not_deleted = ?', true]

Now I'll give my advice again, hopefully in a working context :slight_smile:

   has_many :posts, :conditions => "not_deleted"

No need to compare it to true.